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This is an annoying! I will make this post about spam and answering to my posts with spam will NOT be tolerated on this site. What is Spam? For me, the selling of news to a post is not on, and news is set for TV not here. I get many comments so far that I call Selling News. This is in itself spam for me. Okay I like to approve comments but reading the comments before approving is an option that I must do to keep my site accessible for all – I have no option to mark a comment as spam, delete and move on.

Spam not the food item that comes in a tin-can, which is not bad to eat. Spam comments that starts with “There is no argument…” will be marked immediately as Spam. Anything that starts without introducing you as a post where I can then determine if you are a person. Here is an example:-

Hi Robert,

I am John/Jane  (of course, you use your name), I thought this post is… blah blah and so on

John/Jane(of course, you use your name).

Once I get a comment, I can then determine to approve your comments. Of course, I will read every comment and if I can understand it and if there is no spam then it gets approved. So far, there is not one comment that has been approved because I can’t read it and the comments does not follow the instructions of the about comments on the sidebar. I also go to see if I can see the person’s website and even though they have a good comments, they are selling medications and such that I am not interested in and when I go to find about the person who comments and there is nothing about them – SPAM is my classification and will be deleted.

What else is spam in my eyes? Okay, it is not just Selling News, anything with selling any items, or checking other peoples websites, or websites enhancements, or anything of sexual in nature and anything I feel as not adequate to my life as an author, writer, editor and proofreader. If there is a person who wants to leave a comment to me; please, looked at About Comments on the sidebars that is left or right, before commenting on a post otherwise, please use the contact page.

Spam is Not Tolerated 

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