June has past and July is here

This may sound unusual but this is so funny that I always wonder where to go and do. I feel daunted by the process of what I have got myself into that sometimes a writer needs some aspect of himself left as a secret or more so private. What am I saying? It is not as simple as one like me to say but to keep secrets is part of my life. I know the saying that keeping secrets will always come back and bite threefold – something like that.

Secrets are needed to keep my life going. To bear open oneself to anyone is not good for me. To see what happens after is not such an option, I found out. For me, my life seems to be open for criticisms and I welcome them wholeheartedly as a writer or author; mindful of the critics that is objective to me as a writer or author.

For a scale down of my life is riddle with pain as such that its better to shoot me like a wounded horse. Laughing out loud! Seriously, this is a part of me that is my life – pain management. It is plain as day and night with my pains but writing has and will always be the second most benefit to managing my pain. Writing is a medicine that gives you a high without the side affects.

Even writing this post has me thinking of writing this post and not about the pain. Yet it is not my secret and it is a part of me, which I like to keep secret for a bit longer. There is consequences that I know will happen and can’t share here.

As medical stuff occurs, such as increasing medication; I have had many things happened and very lately, I’m at an impasse of sorts. Just as June has gone and July¬† has been here for eight days, already! These changes I’m going through are just minor and hope to see bring new news as it comes. As it happens, I have sent a short story to a magazine here in Australia and my fingers are crossed. Funny thing, my hairs on the nape of my neck is on edge, I’ll just have wait for two months and half.

The dreaded word of all for writers is Rejection. But before I go on about it, I have been on the fence for a long time and with each rejection I had over three years and six months is very scary even for me. I started to feel that my kind of writing style is different and most of all has no sense in the writing world. It does feel a little disjointed as this post. I feel so… for sake of not swearing – why does it take so long? I’ll answer this later on another post.

As you noticed, I have been missed blogging so much that I have so much to say and not sure were to begin or start, thus the title of the post. I have been on edge for almost a year, especially when you think of a financial year. Well as I said, I missed blogging, this post is just a big one. When I have been in the clouds of darkness for so long that one forgets things and need to return to the light of day to understand oneself a bit more than receiving an email to a comment which turns out to be a news story.

That email I received was such that I spammed it and deleted it. Please note; any comments that shows news as comments, buying things or stories will be marked as spam and be deleted immediately. I just want to be as social as any blogger out there in this web-way I call the internet.

One last thing, the annual inaugural show day of my home town has just been another success. Also close to my home town is a city that has its race day – 400 v8 super-cars. As I sit here writing this post, I feel so relieved that another post is written. I hope more posts comes like this one. Finally, just have a wonderful day/night in this world we call home.

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