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Life ups and downs

I have been getting my life back… What do I mean? Well life can bring those downs, which I had for a long time. I don’t think life would be hard without those down times. Stress, pain, anxiety and other pressures on my shoulders had weighed so much that could make me want to scream or do something very bad.

The solution to this was a visit to the doctors; the medication I am getting is increased. This seems to be working and I am feeling better. Anyway, my body does feel better which is at the range of pain that is in the range of 6-7. When you go to the hospital the nurse asks you the pain level from 1 – 10. My normal level is 6-7. Not like the beginning of the year when I said it was 20. Yet, I am looking towards the next few days and I keep my fingers crossed for a better life ahead.

The next few days to Christmas is a matter of getting my plans for this site and my life and grab it with both hands to control my life. I will return to my old self but a better self. More to come and watch this space.

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