NaNoWriMo, Update and Season Greetings

Now that NaNoWriMo is already over, I have more time to get back to this site and my other website.  As for the NaNoWriMo, I only meet just under 25,000 words, not the full amount of 50,000 words. Started of really good like the hare but after the last post, life had played its ugly head by putting obstacles which stressed me out. As I thought to write in the third week, it was even worst and even the fourth week had another of those mind blocks which we writers call writers’ block.

Would I go on to complete?

Well the easiest answer is no with a big but… I must say it is a very controversial piece of writing that could inflict panic and I would not do it to the readers. It has a lot of religious, and symbolism of a one sided information at the moment but to go further would destroy the fabric of the universe.

Would I sell this story of 25,000 words?

This is without a doubt an easy answer – NO. As it is without edited… No again. Never ever. However ask me in another year and even then I know my answer, it will be a big fat No.


As this is my second post and with some changes are happening. My webmaster has advised a little patience for he will get through the whole website with new pages as he gets through each page. He hopes to be done before Christmas Eve.

He won’t like me as I put my editor and proofreader hat on. He will hate me but we do get on well together. Also he is not the only one who wants a holiday for the Christmas and the New Year. Of course, the time looks like we both have about 8 or 9 days left to Christmas Eve. As they say no rest for the wicked. Laugh out Loud! Indeed!

I will be doing some re-organizing of my life as we speak, and doing a few changes on my timetable for 2017, to get more done more on time. This is so I can make a plan that for 2017 goes my way the plans I have for this site. My webmaster is happy with me and he is happy to do what he is told. I will have some contingency plans if life decides to bring a curve ball… well, a lot of curve balls.

I’ll have a plan for this site and the other website as well. Oh by the way as you can see the change theme for Christmas Month. There will be a few theme changes during the new year. It is my webmaster and I looking at themes and such and deciding which I prefer.

One week in bed did not help at all. As I like to look back to the year I had, and I know it was as crazy as donkey who does not want to move. In a way that is and was my year. January to June, my mum had surgery because she had a dark growth and could not distinguish whether it was attached to the Fallopian tube. Mums recover was an important but anxiety came to play – and getting sick also carried forward til about June with her foot and shoulder pain. Of course during that month, mum has been noticing some problems with my dad and in July he went to see an Urologist and some tests, then into surgery for enlarge prostrate. Oh the year before he had a colonoscopy done which found a nodule. Mum had recover sort of okay from her surgery and dad had some complications which took longer to heal. As I had been okay during the year, but may be I felt more tired than usual because of helping my mother as best as I could. I think by mid September when I ended up in hospital for severe pain in the stomach. During my two-day stay in the hospital, I had passed a stone and did a CT-Scan with a solution which can see if you have a stone in the kidney or anything else. Well I have a inflamed gall-bladder.  November is party month for me and last up to January but it is toned down, and Nanowrimo as you know from the above. December 5th to the 11th, was my week where I had been sick with the common flu and in bed for my legs pain.

Mum has another problem and at the moment she is having tests and such also in the new year. I’m looking forward (not) to more tests in the new year to see if my stomach is the problem instead of the gall-bladder. I have had an episode for a half an hour with pain in my stomach. Either way, I expect to have surgery in the new year. Well an upper endoscopy first to see if something is in the stomach. Then will see what happens next.

On the writing front, it has been not so good at all and I wish to have a better year next year. Seriously with all the goings on with Mum, Dad and I this year, my concentration on writing has left the building and went to outer space. Writers have a second voice in their head, well I do and its the muse and sometimes its the monster. With this the connection between this muse/monster is sometimes on a thin plane of existence. The psychological aspect I call the muse/monster is a metaphor which in itself is the entity that bring writer’s block.

Last but not least, the year that was, was not better however, I like to look on the bright side of life. So as this will be the last post for the year – okay second post for the year – this is because I have changed hosting services. I have other posts that I am looking at to edit them and will have a page that deals with my archive posts from 2016 to 2013. Of course 2016 is the less posts done then 2015.

As I look to this weekend, I think I will have a good busy one and low key. On the twenty-third of December will be the webmasters knock off date and returns around the eight of January. I’m looking at the twenty-fourth at lunchtime, I have a few thing before I go to celebrate Christmas also Boxing Day. Then working on a story for the new year. Then new year eve and new year holidays and the 2nd 0f January with a day off, this holiday will bring the new year like it was not here. After the third of January, will be back to normal.

Well signing off with this:

Season Greetings for all who believe in Christmas and those that do not celebrate because of your different beliefs, know this is my hope that you have a good day and be happy for being alive. I know there are a few peoples who will have some loved ones not here for Christmas, I wish you a prayer and continue with the beauty of Christmas magic. It is this magic that brings people together and love Christmas and have peace on this world for just one day. Yes there is beliefs that does mention peace and I hope everyone have a peaceful day. The biggest thing is to have a safe one.

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