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Please post comments in sentence form, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Note any comments that is not in a form I can understand and if it is spam will be MARKED AS SPAM and then will be deleted. I like to answer all or any comments.
Spam Comments such as Selling or News that has nothing to do about the Author, Editor and Proofreader will be MARKED AS SPAM. Anything that the Webmaster sees will be MARKED AS SPAM AND DELETED.
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Redesigning Website

As many of you might not know or have not seen this, my themes has changed. My webmaster is helping me with the new things that I have planned for redesigning my website. You may have noticed that some pages have been taken down because redesigning those pages is needed. I need to do this without any mishap to the site; thus, the heads up. Some of those pages are down during this redesigning process and I hope to be as quick as humanly as possible.

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