Well I hope you all had a good start to New Year and had a safe one. I know it is March and I have missed January and February. Well it was just as I prepare for a new story that I end up in hospital again for the same abdomen pain. Gallstones playing up again! Second time and hopefully I can get to see the specialist soon. Its been a lovely beginning of the year and with the gallstones is a little set-back, I have a few things to do to bring the website up to my wishes. Note the changes of the Homepage.

As you may not be aware of, I had another set of attacks during the middle and the end of February, which made me stay in hospital for three days. Another attack and waiting for a specialist in a public system in Australia is like a third world country. I was emptying my bladder with the bile from the gallbladder – I thought I had urine infection – that is how bad I got. Lucky I had hospital cover and with it I got to see a specialist and then went to have an operation in the beginning of March. I am getting better as I recover from surgery and its much better than having pains in the stomach. Gallstones are varied in sizes and it depends on the amount you have. Some people have three large stones however my gallstones were a combination of ten cents size and many smaller ones – the smaller gallstones are like cat-litter. My gallbladder was full with multiple of cat-litter like stones/gravel and some look like sand, now but I must say there is also bile in the bottle I got from the surgery.

As March has six days to go, I have to wait and see what the specialist says in April. As you might not know that as I write this a Tropical Cyclone is coming through a little late though, but we are prepared and resilient as ever, which the news reports from the Bureau of Meteorology is expecting to reach a Category 4 when it reaches land on Monday morning. Currently its at Category 1 and intensifying and I’m ready for the cyclone.

My next venture is to complete a course that I’ve been doing and hopefully finish before my deadline. As I research, hang on! What do you mean research? Well I do research for bizarre theories and such; the flat earth scenario is just one of the many topics I like. As you know that Terry Pratchett did a concept of a flat earth like world called The Discworld Series. Okay I’m not Pratchett but his concept, to me is a logical one(okay not as logical but more comic). Comic Fantasy is Pratchett’s genre and no way can I do it that way. I have a concept of an idea but the research needs more scope and world-building.

This flat earth story I have in mind, I need to research from December 1 to September 30 that is researching on and off for ten months. October will be in the first two weeks, I would plot in my mind, I just read the notes I make and/or the print outs from researching – depends how I feel at the time. Spring clean my room and November 1 comes that starts Nanowrimo. I do the research to understand the topic and understand the planning of such a big project. This time I’ll be doing something very new and different, which I will do is plan an outline of the 50,000 word novel and see if I can follow my plan.

And there is more… I cannot tell you just yet but just watch this blog or homepage to see what is coming.

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