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As you may have noticed that my webmaster is doing some changes, of course with my input. As you see, a few changes such as themes because of many things that I have in the works are slowly coming in as per plan. Before I go any further on my plans, the best news was that I’m free of problems with the stomach pain, as the fourth week passes, I’m also starting to lose weight – Yeah! Ha wishful thinking!

My webmaster and I have been working as close as a peach and a pear. Of course, it’s not at all like peaches and pears, we stumble with all matters for instance, my shop and service should be connected or not and then the cost of SSL ((Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.) is way too much for an expert like me who uses less than the norm. This SSL is too much for a starting author and business which is at its second stage of bring both together. Business side had laid back in the background for a few reasons and it still is but with the second phase is starting, I thought to bring in some aspects of my thoughts and see how I’ll do as soon as possible.

I wish to just do it as I have other things more important but times are a changing and I hope it is for the better. Ha, I must say it is not a few thing have been in a stagnant pool of growing algae (the brown colour not green even though it started green). I have been on recovery and getting use to a less organ is well, a better option than having a gallbladder. It is a organ that is working well and good is best left alone but when it is not working take it out as quick as possible and don’t leave until you look like grey in colour or peeing bile.

What has Happen to the months?

What May already! Well, I must say being not too well is not good when you have things planned for the year. Planning is slightly off path and it seems I will need to rethink a few things. As you can see by my home page, my services date has changed to next year and hope my plans in the next few months go smoothly. Fingers and toes are crossed to make my plans work out. 

Which leads me to the changes to my site, I have a few learning curves to adjust in the website management, which my webmaster won one round. He is after-all right. I’ll give him that. As you can see the menu highlighted in purple-blue, there is two new pages Services and Bookshop. The Bookshop page is under construction. However, the Services page has a few dumb parts to the page because I’m working out details and see how those parts work. I have another problem with how I am going to get these two pages connected to a PayPal account. I also have another problem, which could be the biggest – charging a service – I’ll figure a good price but I starting out and price is going to be low and gradually the price will increase. What is a good low price for a four week project? This and more questions are just in my head. You’ll need to have to wait when I decide.

There is one page to come that is not up yet, its a page that I have much work to edit and my webmaster is waiting on. With a slight health hiccup, well at least I can be humorous! I have much to do to keep me busy for the next eight months. One thing you must know about me is that doing things slowly is a part of me and I can’t do anything any faster. Even though my brain sometimes feel like a robot with many thoughts pulsing through nuclei mnemonic membranes, that is where my brain has some problems of putting some things into practice. It so fast that migraines is the result. Seriously Migraines are the worse thing to suffer every day but I’ll not keep this stop me enjoying life. 

So I’m sticking to the slow path and as the tortoise wins the race against the hare, at least I know slow and hard work hurts no one. So keep watching this space in the web of the Internet and signing off and hope to post as humanly as possible – Big posts at that.

P.S. Oh by the way, I have a visitor counter on the blog page, just to see how many visits

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